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Welcome to BuiltPrefab.com

At Built Prefab, we’re all about making the homebuilding experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Based in Kelowna, we specialize in creating unique modular homes that can be built in as little as six months.

We’re constantly exploring new ways to use technology to improve the building process, and one of the tools we’re most proud of is our Build and Price tool. Utilizing our Build and Price tool you can easily select your desired home and options, and even generate a full quote before even talking to anyone.

Our ultimate goal is for customers to be able to design and purchase their new homes all online. We also offer full remote 3D design services, so you can work with our team from the comfort of your own home.

We use modular construction and cutting-edge building science to ensure that our homes are not only sustainable and healthy, but also efficient to build. In fact, much of the construction is completed off-site, which greatly reduces the number of trades at a home site, which is especially important in the post-covid world.

Built Prefab was founded by James Rosowsky and co-founded by Ian Garrity, who previously worked together at Karoleena Homes, another well-known modular builder based in Okanagan Falls that was purchased by a public company.


The Product

At Built Prefab, we take pride in providing top-quality design, manufacturing, and installation services for premium prefab modular homes.

We use only superior building materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and last for generations.

Our prefab homes not only look beautiful on the outside but are also designed to perform on the inside. We focus on creating a superior building envelope using the latest techniques for superior weather, air, water, and thermal layers.

We strive to design simple yet efficient mechanical systems and treat every building like an integrated system. Our design team has created a line of nine complimentary prefab modular home designs, ranging in size from 608 sqft to 1984 sqft, which you can view in our Design Catalogue.

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Understand the Process

At Built Prefab, we have dedicated ourselves to understanding our customers and streamlining the homebuilding process. If you’re considering a premium modular home, here are a few signs that Built Prefab may be the right fit for you:

– Our process is focused on educating consumers and assessing their needs to ensure that both our company and a prefab modular home is the best solution for a project.

– Once we move forward, a dedicated Built Prefab Project Manager will guide you through the building process from start to finish.

– Our prefab modular homes are designed and built with the customer in mind, resulting in innovative, sustainable, and beautiful structures.

– Unlike traditional site construction, our prefab modules are constructed on a fixed cost and fixed timeframe.

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Get started on your design today with Built Prefab. Choose from a staged approach to your standard design, or complete the entire package at once and receive a discount.


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