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Premium prefab modular homes. Kelowna, British Columbia.


To build the best structures in the world, ï»¿creating innovative solutions that reduce waste and improve lives ï»¿

Built Prefab designs, manufactures and installs premium prefab modular buildings.

Our focus is on prefab modular construction, technology and innovation to create beautiful and sustainable structures.

By design, our sales and building processes are simplified.

All of our modules are built on a fixed cost and fixed timeframe.


Our Offering

Built Prefab is a full service business dedicated to serving its customers.


Built Prefab’s design department, Built Labs works from the ground up using the latest 3D building information modelling software (BIM) and coordinate between architects, engineers, planning authorities and production.


Our buildings are built indoors, away from the elements utilizing Toyota style one piece flow manufacturing with a focus on people and continuous improvement working with some of the most experienced modular builders in the business.


Built offers full modular installation services including all site coordination, logistics and completion.

Learn More. Download our 2020 Design Catalogue.


Environmentally Conscious 

We believe that the Built environment meets principles of ecological sustainability.


The intention of sustainable design is to eliminate negative environmental impact completely through skillful, sensitive design.


Built Prefab designs its homes as a system. Our focus is on creating a superior building envelope utilizing the latest techniques in creating superior weather, air, water and thermal layers and increasing building performance through efficient mechanical systems.


Our operations focus on continuous improvement and the ongoing reduction of waste.


By building each structure offsite, there is less traffic, fewer disturbances to the land and reduced construction schedules all benefiting the environment.

A Message From the Founder

Thank you for getting to know more about Built Prefab.

I founded this company to pursue a passion for prefab building and to solve the problem of taking the complicated process of buying and building a new home and making it simple.

In that vein, we are proud to launch Built World 2020 which includes 9 new and improved models, a new design process and a bunch of other great features.

About Me:
Several years ago my wife and I were looking at building a new home in a rural location. We learned about a company called Karoleena out of Calgary that was building beautiful modern modular homes and I fell in love with the whole idea. 

Serindipidously, a number of months later I was introduced to the brothers who founded the company and they were looking for some help. I was working as a business and real estate lawyer at the time and it turned out that I had many skills that I could contribute so we began to work together.

We opened a facility in Okanagan Falls, BC with the three of us and a designer and began to grow the business. In March of 2014 I became the CEO of the company and eventually we grew close to 50 employees including designers, engineers, a full production staff and an installation team among others. It was around that time that we were approached by a publc company and they bought Karoleena.

My background is diverse and includes everything from visual art, to being a full time musician, music engineer and producer, a lawyer, web designer, CEO, an athlete and much more. There is nothing that I have ever encountered like prefab and modular building that incorporates the things I love most, being art, detail, improvement through repetition and helping people get what they want, and that is why I am passionate about it.

I have been involved in every element of prefab building including all aspects of design, manufacture and installation and developed a philosophy which is, that in order to achieve the value that prefab and modular offers, you must look at the entire build as a repeatable process focusing on continuous improvement. 

I am extremely excited about Built Prefab and believe that we are bringing something special to the marketplace. We are working with production partners in the Okanagan and are ready to build your dream home.

Our Vision:
To deliver a 22nd century home building experience at the click of a mouse.
Our Values: We believe we can and will do great things. Our values are critical to our success and that of our customers and the communities we serve. Our values are:

– Respect for People
– Continuous Improvement
– Quality of Life
– Reduction of Waste
– Transformation of Construction

We are grateful for the interest we have had in our company to date and to those who have worked with us in the past. Thank you for your support.

We look forward to building new relationships and working with new customers, colleagues, and partners in the years ahead.

James Rosowsky
Founder and President

Learn More. Download our 2020 Finishing Guide.


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