Build and Price, Meet the Team, More about the ALR

Build and Price, Meet the Team, More about the ALR

Build and Price, Meet the Team | Mobile Homes for Sale BC | Built Prefab

Why the Built Prefab Build and Price Tool is the Ultimate Place to Start Designing Your New Home

There’s a saying that goes: “When the going gets tough, the tough go online shopping.”

This pithy statement has become more and more relevant in the last few months as Covid 19 has left us scrolling the web for hours on end. 

We’ve become pretty familiar with buying our groceries online, ordering tech from Best Buy and shopping for clothes online. But have you ever considered buying a house over the internet? Our Build and Price tool is Built Prefab’s first step to getting you there.

Forget smarmy salespeople and high pressure closers, just jump onto our site and you can generate fully customized Estimates and Project Details. 

If you’re still not sold, here’s a Build and Price case study on The Shore, one of our most popular designs. The Shore is 1610 SF, has 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms, and consists of 3 modules. 

Build and Price, Meet the Team | Mobile Homes for Sale BC | Built Prefab

We’ve gone ahead and prepared two separate scenarios in the Build and Price tool for the Shore, delivered and installed within 200 kms of Kelowna, BC. (We deliver throughout western Canada).

Utilizing the Build and Price tool you can generate an Estimate PDF that shows a breakdown of the costs for your project and a Project Details PDF that shows what comes in the home along with the terms and conditions.

Here are the links to our Case Study PDFs:

Shore Base Model Shore Premium Model
Project Details
Project Details

As you can see from the PDFs, the base manufacturing price of The Shore is $311,093.55 (or $193.23/SF). You can view all of the specific selections that come with the base model HERE

The premium manufacturing price (selecting every upgrade offered) of The Shore is $415,749.22 (or $258.23/SF). You can view all of the upgrade selections that come with the premium model HERE

The difference in manufacturing cost between the base model and the fully upgraded Shore model is substantial. The ability exists to purchase our homes as the base model, but also to select various upgrades to create your personalized home. The final manufacturing price will be somewhere between the two costs above depending on the selections you make. 

The non-modular costs (design, site work, transport and installation) don’t necessarily change regardless of your material selections. Garages, decking, large overhangs, can all impact cost. 

The projected all-in project cost for The Shore, exclusive of taxes, will range from $366,188.55 (or $227.45/SF) to $470,844.22 (or $292.45/SF). 

Here’s a table with a breakdown of the differences in price:

Shore Floorplan $366,188.55 $366,188.55
Building Envelope Standard Included Premium Enhanced Envelope
Windows and Doors Dual Pane Included Triple Pane Windows and Doors
Mechanical System Heating and Cooling Included Heating and Cooling Included
Fireplace N/A Stuv Wood Burning Stove
Kitchen Standard Included Large Corner Kitchen
Island Standard Included Large Island
Bathroom Single Vanity Included Single Vanity Included
Master Bath Full Master Bath Included Full Master Bath Included
Interior Finish and Doors Standard Included Standard Included
Closets and Wardrobes Standard Included Four Built In Wardrobes
Millwork and Counter Finishes Standard Included Standard Included
Flooring LVP Included Hardwood
Lighting Standard Included Standard Included
Exterior Materials 100% Corrugated Metal Included 100% Grey Cedar Exterior
Foundation, Shipping, Craning and Installation $55,095 $55,095
Total (After Tax) $396,475.08 $510,806.53

Build and Price your unique home with us today using our Build and Price tool

If you’ve got questions, get in touch with us at

Build and Price, Meet the Team | Mobile Homes for Sale BC | Built Prefab

Get to know the Built Prefab Team

Built Prefab is a company that has developed out of many years in the business of prefab and modular construction. We’ve always believed that the concept of building off site in a manufacturing environment was hands down better than building onsite. However, with Built Prefab, we’ve taken things to the next level by incorporating technology into the business in ways that enhance the concept of off site modular construction.

James Rosowsky, Founder and CEO   Ian Garrity, Co-Founder and President
James is originally from a small town in East Central Saskatchewan and has been working in Real Estate and Construction for more than 10 years.
James started as a full time musician and then became a business lawyer at a national firm in Calgary.
After, James started his own firm and began his career in prefab in 2013 with Karoleena Homes. James became the CEO of Karoleena and continued to grow the business until 2016 when the company was sold to Horizon North Manufacturing.
Since, James has worked with one of the leading mass timber installers in North America, Seagate Structures, as the Chief Strategy Officer, and founded Built Prefab to pursue modular construction.
James is a big picture thinker that loves to come up with innovative approaches to tough problems.
You can reach James at
  Ian was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and has been involved in development and construction for more than 10 years.
Ian got his start with the Parec-Cyma Group and then gained significant experience in Project Management overseeing multi-million dollar custom site-built residential construction, and was subsequently a Project Manager on the BP Amoco Deepwater Horizon litigation in the US.
Ian moved to Canada in 2006 and was one of the developers and co-founders of the Nowhere Special bar and hotel at Red Mountain in Rossland, BC.
In 2015, Ian began his career in prefab and modular construction, first as a Project Manager at Karoleena Homes based in Okanagan Falls, BC and then later in Business Development for the San Francisco based high end modular startup Dvele.
Ian’s skills include sales and project management, real estate, business organization and communication, among others. His modus operandi is to make sure that no detail is left unconsidered.
You can reach Ian at

ALR Update

Our previous blog post on proposed updates to the building regulations within the Agricultural Land Reserve outlined the BC Government’s and the Agricultural Land Commission’s intention to both postpone the implementation of restricting new secondary residences to December 31, 2020, as well as to announce the consideration of reversing course and allowing limited, but more flexible options to build a secondary home on ALR property. 

While the decision to allow more flexible options remains uncertain, we do know that the ability to grandfather the old regulations is in effect until at least the end of the year. 

It sounds like a while, but if you are looking to build a new unit under the old rules, consider the fact that design, permitting, engineering and other factors can eat into the months remaining. 

We would encourage any ALR landowner thinking about adding a secondary residence to their property to contact us today to review their options and protect their ability to add a secondary residence to their property.  

Build and Price, Meet the Team | Mobile Homes for Sale BC | Built Prefab

If you would like to learn more about options or to discuss your project, get in touch with us at or head back to our site at where you can learn more about us, our product, and our process. Built Prefab is a licenced general contractor that designs and manufactures premium prefab modular homes in Kelowna, British Columbia and ships them across Western Canada.

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