Category: Green Building

Built Prefab: Creating Profitable Home Investments

In the dynamic world of real estate, Built Prefab is leading the way.¬†Prefab homes have transformed from regular houses into smart investments, and Built Prefab is a major reason behind this change. Built to Last: Built Prefab homes are crafted with quality craftsmanship to ensure long-lasting quality. This makes their appraisal values significantly stronger. Innovative…
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Building a Greener Future

Another Successful Step 5/Net Zero Ready Build At Built Prefab, we are committed to creating energy-efficient homes that contribute to a greener future. We are excited to announce another successful Step 5/Net Zero ready project in the Okanagan Valley. To meet the energy efficiency standards set by the BC Energy Step Code, our process is…
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The British Columbia Step Code and its Impact on Construction

The British Columbia Step Code and its Impact on Construction What is the BC Building Code? Construction in British Columbia is governed by the BC Building Code. Among other things, the BC Building Code contains a number of requirements with respect to energy performance in new construction. What is the Step Code? In April 2019,…
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