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Featured in Redfin!

Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in: In recent years, the housing industry has witnessed a surge in interest towards innovative and sustainable solutions for affordable living. One such trend that has gained traction is modular homes. These homes, often referred to as “prefab modular homes,” have been praised for their versatility,…
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Tiny Homes for Sale!

Are you ready to step into the cozy, chic, and sustainable world of tiny homes? Then meet the 27′ Farmhouse Tiny Home, the ultimate combination of style, comfort, and functionality! With 360 square feet of living space, this tiny home is designed to make the most of every inch. Featuring a spacious main floor with…
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The History of Prefab Housing In North America

Prefabricated housing, or prefab housing, refers to buildings that are manufactured off-site and then assembled on location. The history of prefab housing in North America dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries, when pioneers and settlers began using prefabricated structures to build houses, barns, and other buildings. One of the earliest examples of prefab…
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The Benefits of a Heat Recovery Ventilation System

An HRV, or Heat Recovery Ventilator, is a mechanical ventilation system that is designed to improve the indoor air quality of a home. It works by exchanging the stale, indoor air with fresh, outdoor air while recovering the heat from the outgoing air. This process not only helps to improve indoor air quality but also…
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Utilizing Exterior Insulation in the Built Prefab Enhanced Envelope

Built Prefab utilizes exterior insulation in its enhanced envelope and for houses built to Step 4 or 5 of the Energy Code, and in its Net Zero applications. Rigid exterior insulation is a popular choice for improving the energy efficiency of a home. One of the most common types of rigid exterior insulation is expanded…
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Computer Aided Design in the Built Prefab Design Process

Computer Aided Design (CAD) has revolutionized the way architects and builders design and construct houses. This technology allows for the creation of detailed, accurate 3D models that can be used to plan and visualize every aspect of a home, from the layout of rooms to the placement of electrical outlets. Built Prefab utilizes 3D CAD…
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Built Prefab in the News, More on the ALR

Built Prefab in the NewsWe’ve been getting some press and it has been nice to talk about what we’re doing.If you’re interested, take a look at the recent BC Business article focusing Built Prefab and our proprietary Build and Price tool, available to the public on our website.  Additionally, here’s a little write up on…
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Covid 19 and Design, New Model and Modifying Floorplans

THE IMPLICATIONS OF COVID 19 ON NEW HOME DESIGN As the coronavirus spread and lockdown life became the new normal we have all ended up spending a lot more time at home. It’s as if we live our entire lives in rooms where we once spent just a couple of waking hours. While this huge…
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Build and Price, Meet the Team, More about the ALR

Why the Built Prefab Build and Price Tool is the Ultimate Place to Start Designing Your New Home There’s a saying that goes: “When the going gets tough, the tough go online shopping.” This pithy statement has become more and more relevant in the last few months as Covid 19 has left us scrolling the…
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Flat and Low Slope Roofs – Common Misconceptions Explained

This is a blog demystifying some of the common misconceptions about flat and low slope roofs!