City of Kelowna RU7 Lots

City of Kelowna RU7 Lots

City of Kelowna RU7 Lots | British Columbia Cabin Builders | Built Prefab

Developing Kelowna, British Columbia RU7 Lots

The City of Kelowna is in a battle against urban sprawl. Because we live in a valley and real estate is limited the City has turned to new zoning options for a variety of lots in Kelowna, and particularly this article focuses on the RU7 designation.

The RU7 zoning designation brilliantly fulfills its objective to by taking lots that were once occupied by single family homes, and gives the option of building homes on these lots for two, three and even four families, depending on the size of the lot.

The City of Kelowna has also created a Development Permit exception Process for RU7 lots by pre approving designs that will simplify and expedite the design and permitting process to let owners get to developing their properties sooner.

The City of Kelowna has established a website detailing the RU7 development process, including the creation of a set of frequently asked questions relating to RU7 lots. Additionally, the City of Kelowna has created the RU7 Zoning Fact Sheet.

Built Prefab is well suited to help you with your RU7 project, whether you are considering a prefab modular or site built option.  Give us a call for a free consultation on your lot and we can discuss the various options available to you depending on the size and configuration of your particular lot.

If you would like to learn more about options or to discuss your project, get in touch with us at or head back to our site at where you can learn more about us, our product, and our processBuilt Prefab is a licenced general contractor that designs and manufactures premium prefab modular homes in Kelowna, British Columbia and ships them across Western Canada.

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