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It's easy! Just download our Design Catalogue and find a model you like. Then get in touch with us for more information, or start your design via the links at the bottom of each page.


We've developed a range of options for every home and have developed a new design process for 2020: 1. Choose your floorplan; 2. Choose energy performance; 3. Selection Kitchens, Baths and Millwork; 4. Select Windows and Exterior Doors; 5. Select Lighting, Exterior Finishes, and Facades.
Yes. Built Prefab can build structures to meet any energy and/or construction standards such as R2000, LEED, Energy Star, Passive House, Built Green, Living Building Challenge, or others. Energy-efficient homes are more comfortable, healthier, and less expensive to maintain and live in. Meeting these standards requires consideration at the start of the design stage of your project, which really means let's talk about this as soon as possible if it's on your mind.
You can call or email us at any time for consultation at no charge.

Production, Delivery and Sitework

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Cost and Finance

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Learn More. Download our 2020 Design Catalogue.


Start your design today!

Get started on your design today with Built Prefab. Choose from a staged approach to your standard design, or complete the entire package at once and receive a discount.

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