Last Call For Secondary Residences in the ALR

Last Call For Secondary Residences in the ALR

Last Call For Secondary Residences in the ALR | Building | Built Prefab


We’ve written a few times of the impending ALR deadlines relating to secondary residences. 

As we understand it, as of December 31, 2020 the maximum size of a new secondary residence will drop from around 2200 down to about 1000 sf.

If you are considering building a custom or semi-custom A277 or Z240 residence up to that size, you are running out of time.  We’ve had many conversations with local approving authorities and have determined that Built Prefab will no longer accept new designs for ALR secondary residences beyond August 15, 2020.

Additionally in some jurisdictions you may already be too late and here is why. We anticipate a boatload of applications at the approving authorities leading up to December 31, 2020, and so do they. 

If there are any issues, between questions from the authorities, COVID, holidays or anything else, you really don’t have much time.

Below is an example of the timeline of an anticipated design and permitting process for these residences:

1. Conceptual Design (including Site Plan): 3-4 weeks

2. ALR Pre-Authorization Approval: 3-4 weeks

3. ALR Covenant Process: 2-4 weeks

4. Design Development: 2-4 weeks

5. Engineering: 2-4 weeks

6. Building Permit Submission and Approval: 3-4 weeks

This totals 15-22 weeks, being somewhere around 4 months and does not consider Development Permits or potential zoning issues relating to your specific property.

4 months from August 15, 2020 is December 15, 2020.

Life comes at you fast.

The good news is that after you receive your permit, you’ll have around a year to build your home.

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