Multifamily and Commercial Modular Construction

Multifamily and Commercial Modular Construction

Multifamily and Commercial Modular Construction Brooklyn

If you’ve had a few minutes to peruse our website, you might have noticed that Built Prefab designs all of its buildings utilizing mass timber elements and most buildings are typically built on a mass timber frame utilizing cross laminated timber. As a result Built Prefab’s buildings are well suited to multifamily or commercial construction.

To this end, recent changes to the British Columbia building code now allow for mass timber buildings to be built up to 12 stories. This is an increase from the former limit of 6 stories for wood frame buildings.

As stated by the BC Government’s housing minister in March of 2019 during the announcement, “Mass timber technology allows faster construction where large sections of a building can be manufactured in a plant and then assembled on site”, and added “the faster we can deliver the homes that people need, the better for communities right across B.C.”

The benefit of allowing tall wood buildings for multifamily and commercial application creates the opportunity for densification without significantly changing the character of a neighborhood. Additionally, wood is an environmentally friendly alternative to typical units that rely on concrete and steel. Furthermore, in the case of a company like Built Prefab, your neighbors may be less opposed to a modular multifamily project since the on-site construction times are generally much shorter than traditional construction and there is less disruption in the neighborhood and on site.

Modular construction is suitable for multifamily for a variety of reasons, whether the unit is simply a duplex, or if it is a large building. Believe it or not a 52 story residential building was constructed using modules fabricated nearby in Brooklyn, New York back in 2016 called B2 Brooklyn, 52 stories!

While high-rise modular and prefab construction is actually quite popular in other countries and regions such as the US, Europe, China and the UK, it is a relatively new concept in Canada. However, modular and prefab construction will continue to grow in popularity as more successful projects are completed throughout the world.

Multifamily and Commercial Modular Construction | Built Prefab
Craning a modular structure.

The applications are endless for multi-unit modular construction, which can include offices, multifamily, hotels and the like and the benefits to both urban and remote locations can be huge. In the past, considering the construction of a multi-unit building on one of BC’s remote islands may have seemed daunting, or even impossible due to the lack of labour and material access, but utilizing modular design and construction can alleviate many of the challenges that once existed.
In any event if you are considering building a multi-unit modular building give us a call. Generally these projects will require a dedicated architect on the project, so please read our previous blog topic Working With an Architect to learn more about the process.

If you would like to learn more about options or to discuss your project, get in touch with us at or head back to our site at where you can learn more about us,our product, and our process.

Built Prefab designs and manufactures premium prefab modular homes in Kelowna, British Columbia and ships them across Western Canada.

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