1305 sf – Sunsetter

1305 sf – Sunsetter


Welcome to Built Prefab’s Sunsetter model. 

The Sunsetter is a 1305 sf prefab modular home featuring two bedrooms, an office and two bathrooms and can be built as under either A277 Modular or the Agricultural Land Commission of BC’s Z240 requirements.

The Sunsetter features a well planned layout that makes the most of every square inch of its footprint and tops it off with generous glazing throughout.

The Sunsetter’s finishes are 100% Built Prefab, completed at the high standard seen across all of our designs.

The Sunsetter features a number of options, including a variety of kitchens and baths and numerous exterior and interior combinations.

The Sunsetter would be a beautiful addition to your property  whether it be an urban or rural location.

For more information on this model please download the Sunsetter Model Guide.