2200 sf – green wood

2200 sf – green wood


Air Mod Green Wood – 2200 sf.

The Greenwood House is a modern American four-square home, designed for a compact lot in a walkable urban neighborhood. It is a good fit for lots that are about 40’ wide. Main living spaces are on the ground floor with high ceilings and wide translucent windows, while bedrooms are upstairs. The garage is below or behind, out of the way.

Like the original Sears Catalog homes from a century ago, this home is designed for prefabrication. It can be set as four modules plus a roof panel pack, or delivered as wall panels. It utilizes beautiful mass timber panels as part of the structural system. It has a clear, rational organization for plumbing fixtures. This design improves on the century-old prototype with a modern, open floor plan on the ground floor, and more space upstairs for additional bedrooms and baths, which cantilever out and create protected entries at the front and rear.

This project demonstrates a commitment to green with the prefab process; vegetated roofs; an energy efficient window & door package; super-insulated floor, wall, and roof assemblies; continuous natural ventilation with heat recovery; electric heat pump heating; and mass-timber.