Standard Design Package – Full Conceptual Drawings, Feasibility and Estimate

Standard Design Package – Full Conceptual Drawings, Feasibility and Estimate


Built Prefab Standard Design Package

The customer wishes to retain the design services of Built Prefab Corporation (“Built Prefab”) to determine feasibility and design a home for their property, subject to the following terms and conditions:


The plan shall be a standard design to be designed by and agreed upon by the customer and Built Prefab.

The total service is broken into three phases being (i) Project Code Analysis, (ii) Site Feasibility Analysis, and (iii) Conceptual Design and Project Estimate.

The total fee for this service is $5,000 plus applicable taxes.

Payment shall be upon acceptance of this agreement.


During the design, Built Prefab will investigate applicable building code and municipal restrictions on the property for the purpose of identifying construction parameters and applicable permitting requirements for the project. 

Built Prefab will investigate the site conditions to determine site conditions including any conditions that may affect design and construction of the project. 

Deliverables for this phase shall include a Smartsheet where all of the information will be stored and any site or code requirements will be incorporated into the building plans.


Built Prefab will contact the customer to schedule a time for the customer to meet with a Built Prefab representative either on the telephone, online or in person, to begin the customer’s design. If Built Prefab has already been supplied with the necessary information to begin preliminary design work, then Built Prefab will commence work on the design immediately upon receipt of payment of the design fee.

The deliverables for this phase shall be as follows:

  • A custom floorplan; 
  • 3D interior and exterior elevations;
  • A preliminary site plan;
  • Preliminary project budget +/- 10%;
  • High resolution images. 


Built Prefab will endeavor to produce a design package including the Deliverables described above.

Potential fees not included in the above phases and payable by Customer or shall be incorporated into a further production or site agreement:

  • Permitting Submission Project Management time;
  • Foundation and Structural Engineering;
  • Permit Fees;
  • Energy Advisor Fees;
  • City Development Cost Charges; 
  • Utilities and Services Charges; 
  • Geotechnical Engineering; and
  • Site Survey.

This agreement assumes three design iterations. Additional iterations at the client’s request shall be charged at a minimum change charge of $500, or $125 per hour, whichever is greater.

This agreement contemplates that the customer can directly apply for a building permit for this project. In the event there are any additional requirements of the municipality to obtain a permit, work completed by Built Prefab in that regard will be billed at a rate of $125 per hour.

Any expenses incurred by Built Prefab on behalf of the customer shall be billed at a rate of actual cost incurred plus 15%.


This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Province of British Columbia, Canada. In the event of any dispute the parties agree to attorn to the jurisdiction of the court of the Province of British Columbia.