Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Build and Price Terms and Conditions

The Build and Price tool offered on builtprefab.com is for general estimation purposes only and is offered for the purpose of generating rough order of magnitude pricing (ROM Pricing). All pricing shown in and generated by the Build and Price tool is subject to change by Built Prefab Corporation without notice.

Final pricing, details and specifications for your project shall be subject to and governed by applicable agreements between Built Prefab Corporation, or its affiliates, as vendor and you as purchaser, notwithstanding the generation of ROM Pricing from the Build and Price tool.

All estimates contemplate:

  1. The build of the home pursuant to the CSA A277 standard procedure for certification of prefabricated buildings;
  2. Home Owner Protection registration (HPO); and
  3. A one year factory warranty on the modular units, a 2-5-10 New Home Warranty on the site work.

There may be additional costs to complete your project which may or may not include, among others:

  • Design Fees;
  • Permitting Fees;
  • City Development Cost Charges;
  • Utilities and Services Charges;
  • Structural Engineering;
  • Geotechnical Engineering;
  • Energy Advisor Fees;
  • Additional shipping charges;
  • Barge charges (if required for island or remote build); and/or
  • LOA and Travel costs for installation and logistics crews.

Not all models can be shipped to all locations due to site, highway and other shipping constraints. Please contact us to discuss your particular scenario.

Any agreement to purchase a unit will be governed by three separate agreements, each of which will be made in writing:

  1. Design Agreement:
    1. Fixed Price;
    2. Payable in full at time of purchase of design package;
    3. Subject to GST Only.
  2. Production Agreement:
    1. Fixed Price;
      1. 5% of contract price to secure production price and date in next 6 months, 5% due upon completion of engineering and confirmation of price
      2. 40% 8 Weeks Prior to Production or longer where long lead items exist; 40% at commencement of drywall; Balance prior to shipping; and
      3. Subject to 55% PST and full GST.
  3. Installation Agreement and Site Work:
      1. Estimated Trucking and Craning Costs will be finalized one week in advance of ship date and any other charges paid bi-weekly; and
      2. Cost Plus 15% – Subject to GST only.

*Special COVID Condition*

The pricing model contained in the Build and Price assumes relatively normal market conditions. Unfortunately market conditions continue to be abnormal. 
We make best efforts to stay current on the pricing of building materials with our vendors and suppliers, however, the current volatility is unprecedented and makes it difficult to represent exact accurate pricing at all times. 
The Build and Price estimate does not represent an offer to build. As a customer, once we complete your design we also provide a current, project-specific estimate with much more detail and which represents the exact pricing available at that time for which we can contract and build. 

Please download our Buyer’s Guide, or contact info@builtprefab.com for more information.