The Sentinel – Custom Design Package – Installment #3 – Permit Design

The Sentinel – Custom Design Package – Installment #3 – Permit Design


The Sentinel Custom Design Package

The customer wishes to retain the design services of Built Prefab Corporation (“Built Prefab”) to design six identical duplexes for placement on  its property near Kaslo, BC subject to the following terms and conditions:


The plan shall be a custom design to be designed by and agreed upon by the customer and Built Prefab.

The total service is broken into two phases, being (i) Conceptual Design and (ii) Permit Design.

The total fee for this service is $10,000 plus applicable taxes.

Payments shall be as follows:

  • $2500 to commence Conceptual Design;
  • $2500 upon completion of Conceptual Design;
  • $2500 to commence Permit Design; and
  • $2500 upon completion of Permit Design, prior to permit submission.

Upon the acceptance of these terms and conditions and payment of the applicable design fee, Built Prefab will immediately contact the customer to schedule a time for the customer to meet with a Built Prefab representative either on the telephone, online or in person, to begin the customer’s design. If Built Prefab has already been supplied the necessary information to begin preliminary design work, then Built Prefab will commence work on the design immediately upon receipt of payment of the design fee.

    1. Conceptual Design
      1. A custom floorplan; 
      2. 3D interior and exterior elevations;
      3. A preliminary site plan;
      4. prelim project budget +/- 10%; 
      5. High resolution images for marketing purposes.

The design process is collaborative and the Customer will have scheduled opportunities to review and comment the design iterations and material selections 

    1. Permit Design
      1. All deliverables required to obtain a building permit as per the Regional District, or other applicable approving body;
      2. Permit submission management until approval.

Built Prefab will endeavour to produce a design package including the Deliverables in Section 3 above.

Potential fees not included in the above two design phases and payable by Customer:

    1. Foundation and Structural Engineering;
    2. Permit Fees, per the Regional District;
    3. Geotechnical; and
    4. Survey.

If any approvals are required for your project in addition to the Building Permit, such as development permits or rezoning or other matters, Built Prefab’s fees will be negotiated on an ad hoc basis. 


This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Province of British Columbia, Canada. In the event of any dispute the parties agree to attorn to the jurisdiction of the court of the Province of British Columbia.