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Tech In Homebuilding

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There’s been a lot of news as of late with respect to large companies and investors putting money into the development of technology for homebuilding. Our experience with tech in homebuilding is that it can serve many purposes and if part of a conscious plan can add great value to your home. This is true whether you are discussing modular or site built homes. 

One might consider that tech of the home would be things like built in speakers, lighting control and the rest; however, tech in homebuilding starts far before you get there.

Sales and Marketing of Prefab Modular and Traditional Homes

Let’s start at the beginning which is the sales and marketing process. The sales and marketing process for both modular prefab and traditional site built homes has become increasingly tech enabled. To this end the use of the internet and social media capture a homebuyer’s attention to draw them to a company’s website or show home where the customer can learn about the builder and begin the process of building their home. 

While this type of tech isn’t unique to homebuilding, it has offered a streamlined method for both businesses and customers to find each other.

At Built one of our long term objectives is to eventually allow a customer to configure, price and order a new home with little to no assistance from a human. What if you could simply design, build, price and order your home online through tech? It would most certainly be a different experience than the traditional method, all enabled by tech.


Many homes are now designed utilizing 3D building information modelling (BIM) to create full models of your home far before they are built. Through the utilization of BIM clients and builders have the ability to communicate their vision more clearly than ever before. Additionally, the use of BIM allows for the easy modification of the design.

BIM also allows a builder to properly design all of the elements of a home for construction or production to the finest detail, leaving little to the imagination of those actually doing the work on site. In the past many small decisions had been left to trades and suppliers, which can add up to big problems if they are not on the same page as the customer and builder.

At Built Prefab every home we build is designed through the use of BIM, whether the home is for the Okanagan Valley, or anywhere else in British Columbia.

Efficiency and Energy Modelling

Through the use of BIM, designers and builders are able to calculate the energy performance of a home and to modify the systems in the home to achieve desired performance levels. As discussed below, we believe that this type of tech is the future of homebuilding.

Estimation and Procurement

Through the use of BIM homebuilding material lists (takeoffs) become easy to create and specifications are much easier to identify in the processes of estimation and procurement. Additionally, builders are now more adept at utilizing powerful software in their estimation and procurement activities, creating greater transparency and reducing room for error.

Envelope and Energy Systems

One of the greatest opportunities for tech used in prefab or site constructed home is that of the building envelope and energy systems. Would you like to own a home that costs zero dollars to heat, or even one that makes more energy than it uses?  It is most certainly a reality today, with proper planning, building performance and energy systems. Tech has made this a reality.


As builders continue to incorporate tech into their businesses, so do the suppliers. By doing so the ability to specify and procure higher performing materials that increase the longevity of a home.


While computerization, home automation and other types of control may be the first things that come to mind when thinking of home tech, they are in many ways some of the items with which to be most cautious. 

To this end the development cycle of computer based technology is so short that within years many of the automation systems incorporated into a home can be outdated. That being said, we firmly believe in environment control through the use of things like an app controlled thermostat such as a NEST thermostat or other similar device.

Construction Communication

One of the final benefits of technology in the homebuilding process is that of communication between the customer and the builder. At Built it is our objective to create a transparent environment with regular photos and updates through the course of construction. Additionally by utilizing software we are able to provide an ongoing database to our customers that include all of their project documents including plans, agreements, accounting, change orders and the like.

This article is just a little taste of the things that are affected by tech in homebuilding. As technology develops so will its application.

If you would like to learn more about options or to discuss your project, get in touch with us at or head back to our site at where you can learn more about us, our product, and our process. Built Prefab is a licenced general contractor that designs and manufactures premium prefab modular homes in Kelowna, British Columbia and ships them across Western Canada.

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