Design Terms and Conditions

The customer wishes to retain the design services of Built Prefab Corporation (“Built Prefab”) to design a prefab modular home subject to the following terms and conditions:


The Client chooses to design a standard plan with modifications. The total price for this service is $4,750 plus applicable taxes. 

This price is subject to any promotions, discounts or payment structure options available offered by Built Prefab or available on

In the event a two step or multi-stepped approach to design is offered by Built Prefab, the customer shall have no obligation to proceed to the next stage or pay any further fees unless the customer desires to move to such stage and receive the services offered therein.


Upon the acceptance of these terms and conditions and payment of the applicable design fee, Built Prefab will immediately contact the customer to schedule a time for the customer to meet with a Built Prefab representative either on the telephone, online or in person, to begin the customer’s design. If Built Prefab has already been supplied the necessary information to begin preliminary design work, then Built Prefab will commence work on the design immediately upon receipt of payment of the design fee.


Design services are broken into a series of meetings starting from the conceptual through to detailed drawings.  Below is a basic design meeting schedule, subject to revision by the Built Prefab representative:

  1. Conceptual Design and Introduction Meeting: Includes the creation of a Design Brief documenting project requirements including site and building authority requirements, floorplans, window placement, energy performance and other items;
  2. Preliminary Design Review: Based on the Design Brief, our design team will prepare a floorplan and preliminary 3D building model for your review. We will document your comments and changes to the floorplan, windows, doors and major home components; 
  3. Design Development: Once we have received and incorporated your comments on the design we will begin to add additional detail to your drawings. We will also begin a review of your desired finishes and options from the applicable model guide or other Built Prefab materials; and
  4. Closing Meeting: Final design questions are answered and decisions are made in order to allow us to complete the design and begin to prepare a full set of architectural drawings that can be submitted to the appropriate authorities for approval.


This design agreement pertains to the manipulation of floorplans within the dimensions of Built Prefab’s modules within an existing home design.  The materials used to finish the home will be selected by the customer from the standard and upgrade options provided by Built Prefab. Reasonable accommodations may be made as agreed to by both parties and the final design shall be used to form a schedule to a Purchase Agreement to be entered into for the manufacture and purchase of the home, if the Client chooses to proceed.

These terms and conditions do not apply to full custom designs. If you desire a full custom design, please contact for more information on scope and pricing.


Built Prefab will endeavour to produce a design package and final deliverables shall include:

  1. Finalized conceptual design and floorplans;
  2. 3D model;
  3. Final Project Costing/Estimate;
  4. Permit Application Drawings.

Any required structural, site or geotechnical engineering shall be borne by the Client.

In the event a two step or multi-stepped approach to design is offered by Built Prefab, deliverables shall be divided according to such offer if accepted by the customer.


This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Province of British Columbia, Canada. In the event of any dispute the parties agree to attorn to the jurisdiction of the court of the Province of British Columbia.